Perfect Top Of Mind

  • December 8, 2014 at 12:16 am


Having spent about eight months away from the whacky and wonderful world of marketing and advertising, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my art and craft sans the pressure of practicing.

I have also had the recent pleasure of reading the latest instalment in the freakonomics franchise – Think Like A Freak.

I think there are two types of people in the world, those that have read Freakonomics and those that haven’t. That is probably a tad extreme. I remind myself that there might be folks that get the freak without having studied the freak – but I wonder about that.

It’s a big subject and I think one would need to study it to grok it.

Anyway, the latest freak book is the best of the bunch.

And it has informed, changed, confirmed, and broadened my thoughts.

Of course, I have not been entirely out of the game. My last job entailed a fair bit of persuasion work.

And then there is Woodford, which is very much a marketing effort – and a highly successful one, even if I say so myself. It is highly skewed to social, specifically Facebook, and I continue to learn about nudging folks to come to the folkie.

I have also maintained my reading of the Ad Contrarian blog. It continues to support my thinking except for the author’s maniacal dismissing of strategy and social media, which I find somewhat glib.

Taking a break from what you do seems to have a strange effect. I have heard similar from people who play a musical instrument and take some time out. They think that they return to their beloved instrument better players.

I suspect that this might be the case with me when someone gives me a job – which I hope is not too far away.

In honest self-reflection, I feel that I was at the height of my powers when I headed north. I think my best work is ahead of me.

And I have my theory of everything marketing.

I expect that you expect that I will now reveal all.

Sorry, the title of this blog is all you get – anyone who wants to know more will have to pay me :)