Being a Dad

  • April 2, 2010 at 10:16 pm


Today I woke up bright and early. Excited. So, happy.

Today was a most special day. The sun was shining bright. On my morning walk, the dew glistened and smiled back at me. Two rainbow parrots darted across my path and I swear they looked back at me and tipped their hats. Their little multicoloured hats. Yes indeedy, I think they said, it is a wonderful day.

An elderly couple walked by, we see each other most days. She is almost crippled and he is there, always, with a steady hand. As we do most days, we nodded, we smiled, and we went on our way.

Then, and there is a theme in my hood, the guy in the wheelchair and his two little yapping dogs run around him, dutifully, and as they do everyday. I can know it is this time of year when I see him. He and his tartan blanket wrapped around his legs, legs that have let him down. As is our custom, we exchange pleasantries and he wheels off. The dogs give me a bark, just to make it clear that I better not try anything.

Then, as I round the bend to the horse paddocks, I spot my two favourite horses. Mum and her now strapping young offspring. I remember when he was just a little wobbly thing, only a few months ago. The first time I saw him, I stood and watched him for more than an hour. He came right up to me, as close as he get. If the fence was not there, I am sure he would have come straight to me. Mum, well she just stood nearby, her fixed glare telling me I better not try anything.

Then I get to my favourite part of Canberra, Westbourne woods. As I do, I make my way to the pond. There I am met, as I am every day, by two now fully grown ducks who were, only months ago, two fluffy little ducklings. I have watched them grow into fine replicas of their mum who watches closely as my little duck friends come right up to me. I sit, they come so close. Not as close as when they were tiny. Then they would come right up on my lap. I have been known to spend more than an hour talking to them.

As the heat of the day started to touch my back, I knew it was time to make my way back home. Why?  It is simple. I needed to get myself all cleaned up, looking my best. I only had a few hours to prepare.

So, what made today so special?

Well, it was simple. Morgyn was coming home for Easter.

As the hour neared, I just got more excited. It was all I could think about.

Seeing her get off the bus, my heart filled with delight.

I will be just like this on Sunday, knowing that as the sun sets on that day, both my girls will be home for dinner. I will spend all of Sunday cleaning, polishing, making everything just right. And, of course, making the bestest roast I can make.

Yes, being a dad. It’s truly the most magnificent thing :)