The racists at Charlie Hebdo

  • January 12, 2015 at 12:52 am


As anyone with a functioning mind and beating heart, I am appalled by the recent attacks in France against the staff of satirical rag, Charlie Hebdo.

You may have noticed that I called the publication a rag. That’s sort of what this rant is about.

So, I will start right there – bang smack in the controversial zone.

I first came across the mag when the so-called naked Muhammad cartoons started this whole business off. It is noteworthy that right-wing contrarian and all-round idiot, Andrew Bolt, drew my attention to the cartoons and, therefore, the rag.

Bolt poured all his love of causing offence into his praise of these French satirists. He classed it a turning point. That would be our single agreement

I thought differently on everything else.

At the most basic levels, I knew that I wouldn’t much like people that think it clever to offend good people who choose Islam in the pursuit of a whacko fringe. In my book, clever people are those that spread love.

So, just as I knew I wouldn’t give the time of day to the idiot Islam extremists, I was certain that I would find the Charlie Hebdo mob entirely boring and boorish.

I have never got the base human impulse to offend. I don’t get righteousness that drives people to offend. Like all righteousness, it blinds you. The whackos at Charlie Hebdo were seemingly blinded by their indignation.

Of course, their offence should not have been a death sentence. But it is not surprising that it ended up that way.

While the naked Muhammad shenanigans was the tipping point, they were simply a continuum of what Charlie Hebdo had been dumping into our fraught world.

The imagery of Muslims in their cartoons is utterly racist. They are not much different to the cartoons they Nazi’s used to inspire hatred against the Jews.

The hooknoses are simply replaced with shady gates and shifty expressions. I remember thinking how weird it was that I had not noticed that Muslims have hunchbacks.

I didn’t notice cause they generally don’t and the activists at Charlie Hebdo were entirely wrong to deploy such imagery against their fellow citizens.

However, the activists that killed them were outrageous people.

I wish for a world free of their type but I also wish for a world where satirists don’t forge business models based on offending men, women and children who practice a peaceful spiritual way of life.

Most of all, I wish for a world free of religion.